About Barbara Thomson

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Since 1977, Barbara has introduced hundreds to a wonderful Sedona/ Verde Valley lifestyle and a place to call home.
On a personal Note:
I thank my lucky stars for helping me discover Sedona, quite by accident, while traveling cross country from the East coast with my husband, Rick, in 1977. We immediately fell under Sedona’s spell, purchased a lot within 48 hours of our arrival, and never looked back.
Since that pivotal time, I’ve been fortunate to call Sedona home and have happily raised 2 great daughters to adulthood here. I’ve also had the distinct pleasure and privilege of working in a profession where I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many terrific clients over the years, people who have traveled here from all areas of the country, with incredibly diverse backgrounds. A striking feature of our Sedona population is that most of our citizens have traveled from somewhere else and are here because they choose to be, creating a dynamic and vibrant community.
I never tire of Sedona’s dazzling beauty, and one of my special joys is my early morning forest hike with my two dogs, Cosmo and Daisy. We have one of the most beautiful backyard playgrounds in all the world! From almost anywhere in Sedona, we are within 5 minutes of National Forest or Wilderness, a seemingly boundless network of trails. What an amazing way to start the day!!!
Please don’t hesitate to call or write me – I’d be happy to help you explore possibilities of living in Sedona!