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Tips for Selling Your Sedona Home

Here are some general tips for preparing your Sedona house for sale.

The most important thing to realize is that the way you live in your house isn’t the same way you should live when your home is for sale.  I realize that it’s a bit of an inconvenience, but you’ll need to keep the home tidier and remove the clutter so that a buyer concentrates on your home, not your belongings!

People often get creative with paint colors in their home – and I’m in favor of that when you’re living and enjoying your home.  However, when visitors look at your home, if there are overly dark or bright colors, they’ll concentrate on it.  It’s best to repaint any rooms that might distract buyers.  The best colors for the Sedona market are neutral colors – tan, mocha, taupe, or sand.

Also you could do the following:

  • Clean everything thoroughly. Ask a friend to help you assess your efforts.
  • Put out clean towels, new soap, a nice tablecloth, and fresh flowers.
  • Don't be at home during a showing or open house. Your absence will put buyers at ease so they'll feel free to linger and ask questions.
  • Make sure kids and pets are out of the house.
  • Eliminate clutter from all areas of your home to create an impression of spaciousness and plentiful storage space. A great way to clear away clutter and make money at the same time is to hold a yard or garage sale.
  • Nothing makes a home look new more quickly than a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors have a broad appeal to prospective buyers.


One of the first things a buyer looks at in a home is the storage it offers. A general rule of thumb for sellers is to take out half of what's in the closets and storage areas to make them look more spacious. Take advantage of the fact that you're preparing to move. This might be the right time to throw out, donate, sell, or store things you no longer want. Remove excess furniture, even if only temporarily, to make rooms seem as spacious as possible.

Storage areas in your basement, attic or garage often end up as catchalls. Make sure these areas are well-organized and give prospective buyers the impression that there is room for all of their belongings. Don't let a perceived lack of closet and storage space become an objection for a prospective buyer.


Ask home buyers what area or room of the home they consider most important, and chances are they'll say the kitchen. When prospective buyers look at your kitchen, they will pay particular attention to its cleanliness, layout, and storage capacity.

If major appliances are being sold with the home, make sure they are spotless, odor-free, and in good working condition. Polish chrome surfaces. Fix any leaky faucets, loose cabinet hardware, drawer handles, and outdated or inefficient light fixtures. Make more efficient use of drawers and cabinets with dividers and cutlery trays.